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Welcome to the home of Remote Properties Alaska! If you're looking to explore the wild beauty of Alaska's remote areas, you've come to the right place. I am Sheila Monson. Whether you're an experienced explorer or are just getting started, you'll find an amazing array of remote properties in Alaska to explore. From cozy cabins in the wilderness to expansive homesteads on the edge of the world, you'll find a perfect remote property that meets your needs. With breathtaking views and endless opportunities for adventure, there's something for everyone in Alaska's remote properties. Start your exploration today and find the perfect remote property for you! Call me, Sheila Monson. 907.841.0840

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Are you a person who owns a remote property in Alaska? Maybe some land, a cabin on a lake, or maybe you have a hunting or fishing lodge here in this great state of Alaska and you want to sell it. If you fit into any of those categories mentioned above, then without question you have come to the right place. More information on listing your property with Sheila Monson here.  Check out my remote property listings here.

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We are Remote Properties Alaska! We travel all over the state of Alaska helping people buy or sell remote properties. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of land, cabins, homes and lodges that are either remote and have road access, no roads, completely off grid, you name it we have helped people buy it or sell it.

We would love to help you! Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. My name is Sheila Monson.  907.841.0840

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Learn About the Rich History of Alaskan Properties

Just what EXACTLY is a remote property? Well In Alaska, over the years this has changed a lot depending on where you currently live, and where you want to buy a remote property.

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In the old days a remote property meant that there is no road, and no way to get to the property but by bush plane, ATV, or snowmachine (in Alaska we call snowmobiles snowmachines) It meant and in a lot of cases still does, that anything in the way of building materials, supplies such as heating fuel, groceries, building materials etc. All had to be freighted or flown in to the property. And if you want to get technical with the old timers here in the state of Alaska, they will hold true to that description.

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However, the term "Remote Property" if you live in a big city, moving to a remote property can mean that you are going to live 50 miles from the nearest home depot or Sonic drive through. It might be that the remote property that you end up with has road access but is not maintained by the Borough and you will have to plow your own driveway and road. It might also mean that you will have electric but not natural gas and you will have to heat with fuel oil and a Toyo stove.

What Buying a Remote Property Can Mean For You

Make no mistake, the term "Remote Property" can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. We are here to help you navigate through all of that.

When you get to the point of taking the "Leap of Faith" and want to buy a remote property in Alaska. Call us. We can help. 907.841.8040 Visit our FAQ's Page for more info on buying or selling a remote property in Alaska!

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