Listing Remote Property In Alaska, Important Information

Listing Remote Property With Sheila Monson in Alaska! See the difference we can make!

Are you thinking of listing remote property in Alaska? If you are thinking of listing your remote lodge, land, or cabin for sale, you have come to the right place. Here are some very important things you need to know.

Setting the Standard in Alaska For Selling Remote Properties

When you list your property with Remote Properties Alaska, You will get my experience and expertise, you will get one more very important thing. And it is the most important thing of all. And that is EXPOSURE!! When you list your remote property with me, not only will it be marketed on this website, it will be marketed on several other websites that we own, in addition to the Alaska MLS.

Why Getting Your Remote Property in The Alaska MLS is Important

Why is the Alaska MLS important? Because your property will not only be seen locally in Alaska, but will also be shown on Zillow, Trulia, and all of the other huge sites out there that feature Alaska MLS listings. Why is that important? Because not only will your property be shown to Alaskan's, It will be out there for potential nationwide, and international buyers. You might want to ask yourself.

Why would I want to list with someone who wouldn't put my property in the Alaska MLS

You wouldn't! It would be like deciding to sell your property from inside a locked closet where no one could possibly find out about it. If any of this is making sense to you, and you want to sell your remote property, give me a call. Sheila Monson 907.841.0840

Marketing your Remote Property. See the difference and how we Have set the standard in Alaska

If you decide to list your remote property with us, here are just a few of the things that we can offer for properties that would qualify. No one else can offer these services.

Professional Aerial Photography

One cannot overstate the importance of aerial photography when marketing your remote property. Here are just a few example of this important service that we provide.

Remote Properties Alaska! Delta Junction, Log Home 160 Acres, Off Grid!
Hay Ranch 320 Acres North of Fairbanks Alaska

Professional Interior Photos

Remote Properties Alaska

3D Virtual Tours

Having a 3D Tour done of your remote home, cabin, or lodge is huge! This gives a potential buyer from anywhere in the world the ability to walk through it without ever stepping foot in the door. No other technology can do that. And we have the technology here at Remote Properties Alaska!

Sheila Monson Credentials and my Standard of Excellence for you

July 2019, #1 top producing single agent in all of Keller Williams Alaska.

In the top 10% of all producers in the state for the year 2019.

In January 2020 I was #1 producer in the entire state of Alaska for a single agent, and in the top 5% for All of Keller Williams Alaska for the year 2020.

I received a prestigious award for being the #4 top producer as a solo agent in all of Keller Williams Alaska.

For the year 2020 I received the prestigious award for being the #9 solo agent in the entire Northwest Region of Keller Williams which includes all of Idaho, Oregon, Washington state, and Alaska.

If you have questions about selling your remote property, or buying a new one, I would be happy to help you, and answer any questions you may have. Knowledge, hard work, experience, and excellence is what I bring to the table. Call me! 907.841.0840

Remote Properties Alaska, Sheila Monson