Lakefront Property Alaska, Cabin, 4 Acres in Remote Willow

Lakefront Property Alaska Sheila Monson Realtor® Remote Properties Alaska

Lakefront Property Alaska. Adorable rustic cabin on 4 lakefront acres, nestled in the woods with Borough land on the back side with a private drive.

FOR SALE! $265k Lakefront Property Alaska. Adorable cabin on 4 Acres Willow SOLD!!

Detailed Video on Property

Work hard then come relax and enjoy simplicity! We’ve recently taken some dead trees down, and really opened up the view of the lake. Bring your family and friends! Clearing some trees has created a very large parking area big enough for a couple RV’s. Or be like us – don’t tell anybody and make it your secret, peaceful, authentically rustic & lakefront cabin in the woods. The marsh along the 400’+ of lake frontage allows for all kinds of wildlife – you’re own personal national geographic! Experience being truly unplugged and off the grid! Cabin is wired and ready for your generator however, this “change your life” cabin comes complete with murphy lights (propane lights) so no generator needed. Heat is solely from the fire you build in The Earth Stove wood stove. Even at -24, this delightful one room dry cabin heats up in just a matter of minutes! Turning your snow out side into water inside the big ‘ol bowl in less than 5 minutes! Also uncovered an amazing building spot! Improved the access to the lake itself too. This dream comes turnkey and complete with your own “Jon boat”. Owner is a licensed Realtor. 907-841-8992 For more information.